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Most contractors learn quickly that productivity is the key to a profitable business. And even though tools and equipment can make most jobs easier and quicker, they may not necessarily improve productivity. High initial cost combined with high maintenance costs and low utilization can turn a piece of equipment from a profit maker to a profit consumer. Haulz-All provides contractor-grade hauling equipment that is nimble but powerful, and virtually maintenance-free. Our DC-powered wheelbarrows and motorized carts easily move up to 650 pounds on a hard level surface (500 pounds off road and up hills) yet can be carried in a pick up or stake body just like a regular wheelbarrow. They can get in and out of tight spots with speed and agility unlike heavier equipment, and will not create ruts or damage turf.

  • Landscape contractors will move more mulch, clear more debris and bed edgings, and lay down more soil or sod in a shorter period of time, with much less worker fatigue by using Haulz-All self propelled wheelbarrows. self propelled wheelbarrows.

  • Concrete contractors can pour more concrete faster, with more precision and ease. Haulz-All motorized wheelbarrows enable easy access to difficult pours, even indoors.

  • Electrical contractors use Haulz-All powered carts to carry all of their tools, wire spools, fittings, bulbs and components eliminating the need to make many trips back and forth from the van or truck.

In addition, all Haulz-All powered hand carts and motorized wheelbarrows are equipped with regenerative braking that allows the operator to control the speed even fully loaded down hill.  There is no safer way to haul loads than with a Haulz-All.

Remember - Buy equipment for what it does, not what it is




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