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Fine gardens are like fine works of art – the combination of individualistic talent and hard work to bring the creation to life. Haulz-All electric wheelbarrows and self propelled garden carts are ideally suited to serious gardeners that want to focus on the creative side of gardening, while minimizing the physical side.  In the spring, Haulz-All motorized wheelbarrows and powered garden carts are used to easily haul away debris and bed edgings.  Then the much goes down, and typically the beds are far from the mulch pile.  Throughout the summer, your Haulz-All is strong enough to move potted plants, rocks and boulders, and any other heavy, bulky items.  The fall clean up has never been easier and quicker as your Haulz-All is ready and able to haul away dead materials, leaves and weeds to the compost pile.

Many gardeners that have decided to outsource the mundane job of grass cutting to professionals realize they no longer need a tractor.  However, gardening materials and tools still need to be moved about the yard.  Haulz-All electric lawn carts and powered wheelbarrows are the perfect replacement for a tractor and trailer.  They require no gas or oil, make no noise, can be run indoors or out, and require practically no maintenance.  With a hauling capacity of up to 650 pounds on a hard level surface (500 pounds off road and up hills), and automatic regenerative braking that allows the operator to safely control speed even down hills, moving your garden materials around the yard will be easy, safe and fun. Haulz-All offers many products and options to suit every gardener’s needs.

Invest in a Haulz-All – it is cheaper than a chiropractor.

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