Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner
Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner


Haulz-All has developed a cost effective, integrated DC drive system that includes the motor-drive, battery box and controller, and operator interface. It was originally designed to be fitted onto a wheelbarrow, but many OEMs have used the kits to motorize their un-motorized device. Using the Haulz-All tried and true package is a reliable, cost effective, and turnkey solution to motorizing your equipment.

Typically, our OEM customers start with a standard single wheel, double wheel or 4 wheel motorizing kit to demonstrate proof of concept and performance characteristics. Once the prototype has been tested and evaluated for performance and feel, we can then discuss what level of customization your application requires.

For example, we can program approximately 50 features in the controller such as forward and reverse acceleration, forward and reverse deceleration, top speed in forward and reverse and the list goes on. Furthermore, Haulz-All uses Solid Works ™ design engineering software so drawing exchange and additional design work can be accommodated.

Custom design charges and a one-time programming fee apply, but are very reasonable. Please note: The Haulz-All warranty and return policy will most likely be cancelled for prototypes that are “modified” by the OEM.

As much as we love the design and R&D process, Haulz-All cannot finance your R&D. Contact Haulz-All to discuss your ideas today!