Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner
Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner

Customer Reviews

If you want to give your customers and crew something to talk about. Buy a Haulz-All! It makes you a smarter business owner by showing you care for your crew by saving hard labor and also gives your clients the comfort of knowing they are dealing with professionals.

Kolin A.
Enviroscapes / Mulch Mule
Louisville, OH
Model 100 and 200 Series

Made my employees happy!!!!!

George K.
Huntington, WV
100 Series

Pushing a wheelbarrow in the heat was beating on the crew. The electric wheelbarrow's have really eased the burden on them. Productivity has jumped. Thanks.

Don G.
Site-Crete Construction, Inc.
Fruitland Park, FL
100 Series

It was very satisfying to find a product that nicely does everything as promised in the literature and also easily exceeded my expectations.

Dave S.
Schneider Technical Services
Santa Fe, NM

An essential tool for the do-it-yourselfer. This machine eats up rugged terrain, loves steep hills and heavy loads. The regenerative brake works great...no run away loads.

Dan M.
El Dorado Hills, CA
200 Series

My Haulz-All Uber Mover 200 is an unbelieveably great product. Powerful, sturdy, quiet, capable and best of all, just plain fun! It is much more than just a powered wheelbarrow. I think of it as a personal-sized dump truck!

Ethan S.
Skyler Construction Company
Bainbridge Island, WA
200 Series

It was easy to assemble and makes hauling heavy loads up an incline a breeze. I could not do my landscaping project without it. I added my original wheel barrow axle and wheels to a braced metal plate between the rear skids to minimize the stress on my back and prosthetic leg. So far I have moved 20 tons of gravel from the driveway to the backyard (over 300 feet) doing my landscaping project. I have about 60 more tons to move and finish the project. The yard is terraced with 3 levels of railroad ties, and without your units ability to haul heavy loads up a steep grade, I would have to hire someone to do the project. You might think about adding this as an optional kit. It works good on moving firewood too.

Ralph P.
Albuquerque, NM
Power Kit

I use it way more than I thought I would. Even for easy loads, I use it. I never use my old wheelbarrow any more, and I don't even bother driving the pickup around to the barn to empty small loads. I use the Haulz-All instead.

Judith G.
300 Series

The 300 Uber Mover is a very serious tool that is powerful, yet easy to use and wildly versatile.

Joe K.
300 Series

Well engineered and indispensable tool for heavy loads.

Alan B.
Pasadena, CA
300 Series

I Like the product very much. I had it shipped 3-day Air. I think it was here in 2, Just in time for Hunting Season. I climb A mountain Trail - 2 miles up And 2 miles back! Haul 200lbs - 300lbs = 1 Battery. Haul 400lbs - 500lbs = 2 Batteries. Ain't no Mountain High Enough!

Harry P.
Bear Hunter
Hudson, NH
300 Series

The best yard wagon ever designed - it delivers exactly what I needed. I could not have finished my landscaping without it.

Dave R.
Huntsville, AL
300 Series

My 70-year old father uses it to bring the trash bin up the driveway to the curb. Darryl was great to work with on the order. They were very committed to making the promised delivery date, which ensured a great surprise birthday for my Dad.

Chris D.
300 Series

I'm really impressed with the way Haulz-All stands behind their product. I like working with Darryl. He has always stood behind his product and has taken every opportunity to satisfy me as a customer. Customer service is what keeps me coming back.

Jim F.
Bounce & Fun, Inc.
Winter Springs, Fl.
300 Series

Customer Service was very helpful. I called with a question and I had a great experience and felt like I was actually talking to a person that really cared about me and how I was using the Uber Mover.

Debra T.
300 Series

I have been extremely pleased with the 300. I was very concerned about the hilly, rocky, windy paths over which I haul both large amounts of brush and trees, as well as boulders. The 300 has done a fantastic job, and the braking system has been invaluable, as Darryl predicted. Once I got used to the characteristics of the machine, I have found it to be fantastic.

Jud S.
Spruce Head, ME
300 Series

I am a shopper and had looked around quite a bit. I didn't want any more gas motors around the yard, I have enough. I have a very hilly yard and a lot of stuff to move around (landscaping material, felled wood, etc...) which would take days to move with a wheelbarrow-sized small bed like I found on most websites. A tractor and a wagon was not practical in my situation. The haulz-all 300 kit was perfect for me. I added my wooden yard cart frame to the kit and was moving in minutes. I can now move about 1/2 a yard of material instead of only 6 cubic feet. A huge time saver....

Tom B.
Sykesville, MD
300 Series

I envisioned hauling firewood, hay, etc. Use it also for hauling groceries, dog food, etc., up the hill to our door. I am getting towards the age where it's getting harder to lift things and carry them around, especially in our hilly area. Haulz-All is the answer, especially when my husband isn't available to help.

Nancy N.Weed
300 Series

The was a fantasy purchase for me. I have a landscaping and garden project going. Being on a hillside, the weight and bulk of rocks, brush and dirt I had to move was overwhelming. I needed help. The 300 Series dumper has far exceeded my expectations! It's a workhorse!

Timothy C.
Los Angeles, CA
300 Series

UBER 300 is an amazing design, size and value comparing in the market. Every time I use it in the field, contractors see me using it, says "I wish have one". I love it.

Jose H.
Corona, CA
300 Series

The Haulz All Power carts have not only made our balloon recovery faster and easier, it allows us to not have to drive on to private property and not disturb the property with noise or vehicle tracks. All went so well, I bought a second unit and have strongly recomended them to other balloon pilots.

Mark G.
Aurora Balloon Company
Buffalo, NY
300 Series

For my intended use, of moving many large rocks from one location to another, The Uber Mover 400C is as good as having two more men.

Gary B.
Pahrump, NV
Model 400C