Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner
Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner

Horse and Barn

Haulz-All self propelled wheelbarrows and motorized muck carts for Horse and Barn

The fun of owning animals is tempered only by the need to clean up after them. Even though it is a small price to pay, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the time and effort required to muck stalls?

Haulz-All self propelled wheelbarrows and motorized muck carts are electric, motorized haulers that can move up to 650 pounds on a hard level surface (500 pounds off road and up hills). Hauling manure to the spreader or manure pile has always been the most difficult part of the daily care routine, and with a Haulz-All, it is as simple as moving your thumb forward.

The silent, battery-powered drive system will propel the load for you without spooking the animals. There is no gas or oil that can spill, no hot exhaust pipe, and no sparking hazard as with gas-powered machines. Furthermore, Haulz-All motorized haulers can be used to haul feed bags, sand or clay, or tack and tools anywhere inside or outside of the barn.

All Haulz-all powered wheel barrows and powered carts have a variable speed throttle in forward and reveres, and also include regenerative braking that will slow down a full load – even down hill.

Your Haulz-All will be ready to tackle tough hauling jobs every day with no maintenance except plugging it in to recharge the batteries.

Remember - Buy equipment for what it does, not what it is.