Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner
Welcome to Haulz-All by Magliner


Ordering Questions

How do I track my order?
Call Haulz-All and ask we will do all the work for you

Do I have to create and account to order?
Yes. Creating an account will insure that Haulz-All has your correct bill to and ship to information.

Do I have to provide my e-mail address?
Yes. Your e-mail address will be the primary method that Haulz-All will use to communicate with you for such matters as order acknowledgement, order shipment, tracking details, and product news. Haulz-All WILL NOT sell your e-mail address or any other personal information to any third party.

How will I know if Haulz-All received my order?
Haulz-All will send a confirming e-mail that will acknowledge receipt of your order.

What methods of payment does Haulz-All accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Pay Pal, company or personal checks.

Will I be charged sales tax?
Only customers with a ship to address in the state of Pennsylvania will be charged sales tax. Customers with ship to addresses outside the US may be charged import duty, federal and or provincial/state sales taxes, and brokerage fees where applicable. Haulz-All does not include such fees in the sale price as they vary from county to country.

Shipping Questions

How does Haulz-All ship my order?
Haulz-All units are shipped partially assembled via UPS ground unless a premium/express method is chosen by the customer.

What are the shipping charges?
Shipping charges on most equipment is a fixed cost per unit to the continental US, with premiums for shipments to Canada. Alaska and Hawaii are quoted upon request.

When will my order ship?
Haulz-All makes every effort to ship orders with in 2 business days of receipt of order. If a shipping delay occurs, customers will be notified of the delay and why, and when the actual ship date is estimated to be.

How will I know that my order has shipped?
Customers will receive an e-mail with tracking number(s) and a link to UPS’s web site which will allow customer to track the shipment.

Does Haulz-All ship internationally?
Yes. Haulz-All will ship just about anywhere in the world. International customers must call Haulz-All to arrange the preferred shipment method.

Warranty and Returns Questions

What should I do if my Haulz-All is damaged when I receive it?
Contact Haulz-All customer service immediately to describe the problem, and to assess how the damage occurred (usually shipping damage). Haulz-All usually will send a replacement part or parts unless the unit is so damaged that will need to be completely replaced.

What if my Haulz-All is defective?
Contact Haulz-All customer service immediately

Can I return my Haulz-All for a refund or exchange it for another?
Yes. Customers can return their Haulz-All with in 30 days of delivery for a full refund or to exchange it with another product. Shipping charges for the return of the unit are at the expense of the customer.

Is the warranty the same for all of the products?
Yes. Click here for a detailed warranty.

Will I void the warranty if I try to customize my Haulz-All?
Yes. Modifications to a Haulz-All product by those other than authorized Haulz-All personnel will result in the voiding of the warranty with no further obligation to service the product by Haulz-All.

Do I need to register my Haulz-All in order to activate the warranty?
No. The Haulz-All warranty is issued for one year from date of shipment. The serial number on the unit provides the ship date, so it must be present to make warranty claims. However, we recommend that you do register your Haulz-All to receive periodic updates and other information.

Assembly Questions

How long does it take to assemble a Haulz-All?
Haulz-All has tried to do as much of the assembly as possible, yet still be able to ship the products by UPS, Fedex, or DHL. We estimate the it typically take about 60 to 90 minutes to assemble the equipment depending on model.

Do I need any special tools to assemble my Haulz-All?
No. Standard and/or metric wrenches, standard and Phillips head screw drivers, and occasionally pliers are all that is required to assemble a Haulz-All.

Do I need to perform any wiring or soldering?
No. All electrical connections are simple “plug and play” connectors that cannot be interchanged.

What if I get stuck during assembly?
Haulz-All encourages our customers to call us if any questions arise during assembly. We strive to make the assembly part of the fun of owning a Haulz-All, so if problems or questions occur, we are here to help you get answers.

What if I am missing a part required for assembly?
Contact Haulz-All immediately to describe the missing part. We will send out a replacement at no cost.

Product Questions

How long do the batteries last on a single charge?
It is completely dependent upon how much weight is being carried, the type of terrain, and the softness or hardness of the surface. We estimate a range from a minimum of two hours of continuous use, up to six hours of continuous use. PLEASE NOTE: Most use is not continuous, so actual use time is typically much longer.

How long will the batteries last before needing to be replaced?
The batteries are designed to last for 300-500 charge/discharge cycles, which translate into approximately 1-2 years. The batteries are common, and can be purchased from Haulz-All or at your local hardware store or Radio Shack for about $40 per battery.

Will tipping the unit hurt the batteries, electronics, or drive system?
No. Batteries, electronics, and drives can operate in any orientation.

Can I operate my Über Mover in the rain?
Yes. Everything is splash proof sealed. However, we do not suggest driving through deep water.

What is the maximum speed?
All Über Movers can operate from approximately 0 to 3 miles per hour forward, and 0-3.0 miles per hour in reverse.

While pushing my Uber Mover 200 or 300, it suddenly decelerates aggressively. What causes this?
There is a safety feature on the Über Mover 200 and 400 called “Push Too Fast.” It is designed to prevent the cart from running away when the brake is manually disengaged.

Why does my Über Mover 200 or 300 lose traction when one wheel is off the ground?
The drive system is an open differential that allows the machine to efficiently make turns without skidding the tires. The drawback is that if one of the drive tires leaves the ground, it will simply spin until all tires are back on the ground.

Is a balanced load important to the performance?
Yes. Balancing the load so that it is not top-heavy or side-loaded, will allow much safer operation. Furthermore, most of the load should be located over top of the drive wheel(s) for better traction.

Maintenance Questions 

How do I clean my Über Mover?
Simply remove all debris, hose it down with soapy water, and towel dry. We do not recommend using a pressure washer.

What maintenance is required?
Not much, really! Simply remember to always recharge when not in use. If storing for an extended period of time, leave the unit on charge – especially in cold climates. The drive system is sealed for life, thus no lubrication is required. Keep the unit dry to enhance its life and appearance. It is recommended that the batteries be replaced once every 12 months. See how to replace batteries.

What is the recommended tire pressure?
Follow the tire pressure listing on the tire. You will get the best performance and range if the tires are properly inflated, but DO NOT OVER-INFLATE.

How do I handle a flat tire?
The Über Mover tires are just like any other tube tire. We recommend taking the tire to a local service station for repair. Haulz-All does offer flat-free tires that will never go flat. Call Haulz-All (1-866-HAULZALL) to order flat-free tires.

How do I change the batteries.
Click Here To Download The Battery PDF File

Operational Questions

Can I operate my Uber Mover in the rain?
Yes. Everything is splash proof sealed. However, we do not suggest driving through deep water.

Will driving my Uber Mover through deep water hurt it?
Yes. If the drive system or electronics are submerged beneath water, fatal damage is likely.

How steep of a hill will my Uber Mover climb?
It depends on the weight carried, traction and how soft the terrain is.

Double wheel units: 500 pounds up a 3:1 grade, 450 pounds up a 2:1 grade.

Four wheel units: 500 pounds up a 3:1 grade, 450 pounds up a 2:1 grade.

What is the effect of soft terrain such as soft soil, turf or loose sand?
Driving any machine on soft terrain has the effect of reducing its weight carrying capacity. In addition, battery consumption will increase significantly, reducing operational range to as much as ½ the normal range.

Is it possible to overload my Uber Mover?
Yes. If the power required to move the load exceeds the machine’s capability, the unit will slow down and eventually come to a stop. This is due to a thermal overload with in the controller. It is design to “trip” before damage to the electric motors occurs. If the happens, simply remove some of the load, wait a few minutes until the unit cools down, and then cycle the power switch to reset the overload.

Can I operate my Uber Mover indoors?
Yes. Since the Uber Movers are completely electric, they emit no fumes and virtually no noise.

Can I operate my Uber Mover on uneven ground?
Yes, however two and four wheeled units will follow the contour of the terrain, which can make loads tilt from side to side. Use your noggin when operating the machines on the sides of hills and on uneven terrain.